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    Our robust screening process and technical evaluations increases the probability of identifying the right talent that can make a difference in supporting our customer’s IT initiatives.

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    Infrastructure & Remote Management Services, Business Solutions for Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Social Networking, Application Modernization, Business Intelligence & CRM Solutions

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Information Technology (IT) is a broad term that includes all aspects of managing and processing information and related technologies. Information technology professionals are responsible for designing, developing, supporting and managing computer hardware, computer software, and information networks, including the Internet. The realworld applications of information technologies can be found everywhere. In fact, IT is likely already a part of your life in ways you may not even be aware.

Skills and personality
Ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing and emerging technologies and IT systems
Effectively use a variety of computer software, tools and equipment to install and monitor operations
High attention to detail including accuracy and precision of work
Highly analytical to diagnose causes and effects of IT hardware or network problems and develop solutions
Interest in computers and technology, programming systems and understanding how they work
Specialised knowledge of IT functions

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