Sr. Application Developer – Java/React

DATE: June 28th, 2023

Overview and Responsibilities

Scope of Activities:
The Sr. Application Developer – Java/React, will demonstrate strong competencies across these responsibilities:
• Develop and debug application code
• Design java classes
• Conduct unit, integration, and customer acceptance testing
• Prepare code and application documentation
• Design and deploy micro-service databases in the Azure cloud, using relational or non-relational databases as appropriate
• Design and deploy React SPAs in the Azure cloud
• Consult with peers and subordinates on application issues
• Use application development tools and utilities as appropriate
• Assist and mentor peers and subordinates as appropriate
• Develop business problem definition
• Accomplish information collection, analysis and organization
• Prepare economic evaluation and estimates of time/effort required on projects
• Prepare solution development, recommendations and evaluation criteria

Required Credentials and Experience:
• At least 5 years Java development
• At least 3 years developing micro-services, using Spring Boot or equivalent frameworks
• At least 3 years writing and documenting REST APIs using the Open API (Swagger) specification.
• At least 3 years HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience
• At least 3 years developing front-ends written in a modern SPA framework (Angular, React, Vue, etc.)
• At least 3 years working with relational databases. Ability to write SQL queries and debug database related issues in Java applications.

Preferred Credentials and Experience:
• Familiarity with cloud application models (cloud native, serverless, etc.) strongly preferred.
• Familiarity with application deployments in the Azure cloud preferred.
• Familiarity with non-relational DBs is a plus (MongoDB, Cosmos DB, Dynamo DB, etc.)
• Exposure to database automation frameworks (Liquibase, Flyway, etc.) is a plus.
• Relevant certifications and training
• Preferred to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and workflow including, but not limited to:
o Estimates
o Target date planning
o Work plan development and monitoring
o Stakeholder communication
o Quality Assurance
o Development methods/techniques
o Testing methods/techniques
o Implementation planning and execution

• Trusted and respected as a thought leader
• Displays intellectual curiosity and integrity
• Motivated and driven by achieving long-term technical outcomes
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment and lead cross-functional teams