IT Workforce Services

IT organizations are pitted against one another and are under pressure to stand out amid the crowd of competitors in the market. The organizations not only have to stay ahead of the game but also deliver top-quality products within a budget and in less time. Sarkit Inc. helps IT organizations to come up with cost-effective yet agile solutions to cope with the changing business world.

Sarkit boasts of having more than 15 years of experience in the field. Our team of talented professionals and executives are competent enough to correctly identify what our customers will need to run their businesses more efficiently. We are adept at gaining market intelligence, remain proactive in search of experts and maintain strong relationships with extremely skilled IT professionals. All these contribute to our reputation of providing relevant IT strategies to companies faster.

Our IT Workforce Services introduce the best talents. We work with a holistic approach related to sourcing strategies, customer knowledge, stringent screening, relationship management and selection procedures.

We have a robust screening process and our on-point technical evaluations heighten the chances of coming up with the right talent always. This enables us to make a difference in fulfilling our customers’ IT initiatives.

Sarkit Workforce Solutions include:

Contract Staffing for giving augmentation of IT capabilities

Staff augmentation refers to the use of personnel from a third party in order to augment the capacity of the company. This helps the organization to take full control of the project and work accordingly. Sarkit Inc. provides the best-skilled workforce to any company after thoroughly assessing their IT needs.

Contract to Hire and Direct Hire for requirements of long-term plans

A company committing to a long-term relationship with the staffing partner to fulfill their IT requirements can be termed as the policy of directly hiring or contractually hiring. While a contract-to-hire employee is answerable to the staffing agency, the direct hire employee reports straight to the employer. Sarkit Inc. can provide your company with both.

Application Innovation

Application innovation in a company means finding new audiences, new uses and re-combining the existing functionalities for better outreach. Sarkit Inc. builds customized application innovations using emerging technologies that will work well with any software portfolio. Our implementation is quite innovative and extensive and meets any organization’s specific business requirements.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is the process of storing data and computing power within the computer system resources without the user’s active management. This is a strategic move adopted by many companies to achieve scalability and reduce risks. Sarkit Inc. takes pride in having an amazing cloud adoption framework. Our on-demand delivery of IT resources is on point.

Data and AI

Your organization might be ready to build AI applications. Sarkit Inc. provides a highly talented workforce to power smart solutions and assists in data exploration. AI and data have almost become inseparable in many fields of work, and companies have to manage the set together. Availing our services can maximize your business’ proficiency.